Saturday, 16 October 2010

Resident evil: Afterlife

So i watched this film yesterday and to be honest i was quite impressed. The main reason i liked this film was because the actor playing wesker did really well in his role but they still make the mistake of making wesker have a BRITISH accent when he is supposed to be AMERICAN. The film introduces what is clearly the uroboros virus from resi 5 but does not mention it at all throughtout the movie as it just sort of appears. The wesker fight at the end of the film is an almost exact match of one of the cutscenes from the game which made a  little happy inside to see that someone who was working on this movie knew something about the games.

Overall i think i would give this film a 6/10 because they still need to improve upon mistakes made in previous films such as people having psychic powers and alice being cloned? but the rest of the flim was very well shot and the actors played their parts very well.